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Welcome to Love Bay beach Poros

While Poros offers many places one should visit and see, Love Bay beach is definitely on top of the list.

This magical location is blessed in every possible way. Crystal clear and calm waters whereas pine trees literally hang above the turquise sea water.

Moreover there is a picturesque little chapel at one end of the beach which is absolutely marvelous.

You can enjoy all the above either with your family and friends, or with your loved one.

What we offer

While enjoying the magnificent view surrounded by the pine trees on your sunbed, have a nice cocktail. Enjoy a coffee or have a fresh juice from our wide selection of juices. If you get houngry throughout the day you can always ask one of our staff members to recommend an appetizing snack.

If you feel like exploring a little bit more and take some breathtaking pictures you can rent a canoe from us by your self or ask for a double canoe to share the fun with your friend, child or loved one. Feel free to use our shower and WC at any point throughout the day.

There are plenty of sunbeds but if you have a favorite spot, we recommend to come early in the morning. We are a short walk from Neorio and can be reached by taxi, car motorcycle or by boat at the nearest pier.

One can't visit this charming little bay and not fall in love. Its just not possible! Dont believe us? Come and see for your self!

How the name was created

Even though there are many stories and rumors we've heard over the years, the story we grew up to know is the following:

The name Love Bay was created around 1950's. At that time the trees used to be more dense than what they are now, there was only dirt road so couples where not easily visible from above. Times where very different in Greece back then than what they are now so many people didnt marry out of love, but with arranged marriages. So Love Bay was the perfect place for "forbidden couples". The beach was and still is a very romantic place so it was quite famous for young love birds. They used to spend their exotic nights on the beach and hide their love underneath the pine trees. Rest part we will have to leave it to your imagination!

Love Bay Beach Poros

Our story

Even though Love Bay was a hidden gem for most people , it captured our hearts when our beloved mother Sofianna started a small beach bar, while trying to make the beach more acknowledged and accessible to people.

She run the business with all of her passion and love for this beach. She was loved by all the people who have visited Love Bay over the years and she had a very loving and unique personality.

All this passion and love grew within her 2 sons as we spend all of our summers here growing up and her excitement become ours when we took over the business.

Up to this day we try our best to continue with the same spirit and passion she always had!